Lichen Ceramics

by Bairbre Kennedy


Beautiful and Functional

unique hand thrown stoneware pottery

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Magical handmade Irish pottery creations for all occasions.


To misquote Michelangelo “Potter’s create with their brains, not with their hands”

People have often been asked over the years what I think about while throwing. I could say the world because that is what I am creating. So take a lump of formless clay add water, fire and imagination. Because from that a potter can create the world. You are only limited by your skills and mostly importantly by your imagination.

Lichen Ceramics Glaze


I make my own glazes, this allows me to create the colours I’m looking for. So this breathes beautiful life into my handmade Irish ceramics. This also means there are always variations in the colours as they are fired to 1200C.


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