Handmade lightweight stoneware ceramics made in Co. Leitrim

by Bairbre Kennedy of Lichen Ceramics

Lichen Ceramics by Bairbre Kennedy

Lichen Ceramics

Functional ceramics is the most used but often underrated type of ceramics. So that’s why I set up my own pottery to make the type of ceramics I’d want to use at home. I use my throwing skills to make both tableware and sculptural ceramics at home in Co. Leitrim, Ireland.

I like the idea of making variations on themes, each is unique. Inspired by the magical landscape of the North West, a place still steeped in old Irish traditions. Come see all my magical creations in ceramic, you will find something for all occasions.

Bairbre Kennedy hard at work on the potters wheel
Bairbre Kennedy hard at work at the potters wheel

Lichen Ceramics

I moved home to my native Leitrim to start my stoneware ceramics business after gaining a wealth of experience in London and Ireland having worked for some of Ireland’s most established potteries. I grew up exploring the waterways of South Leitrim on my parent’s old Guinness/ Grand Canal barge. This gave me a love for the hidden small spaces, found in sleepy streams and a curiosity for the shapes, colours and life – held within its clay and riverbanks. I carried this curious creative nature into adulthood, going on to study at the much respected Thomastown Pottery Skills course in Kilkenny.

From there I went to work for Badger Hill Pottery and then Judy Greene in Galway. I also spent several years in England working for Hogben Pottery. Also alongside Kerry Hastings, helping her design pottery for the “Conrad” shop in London.

Now I’m back at home in Leitrim and inspired by the lush landscape of home. I’m creating colourful and lightweight handmade stoneware pottery bringing a hint of opulence to functional studio ceramics.

A great advantage of having a local potter who designs her own work. Is that if you need a bespoke product I can design something to fit your requirements. Like a customer of mine who needed a plate made with a curve on one side. This allows him to scoop the food onto a fork easier as he is losing his sight.

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