A collection of Picture Mugs


A lightweight stoneware ceramic tea mug with a hand painted design


Each of my collection of Picture Mugs are decorated with a mixture of sgraffito technique with slip and underglaze painted details. When I was a child I loved drawing cartoons, I decided to use this to add fun, cute and quirky drawings to my Tea Mugs. By using the combination of the three techniques I can give them bright colours and subtle details which gives them a life and individual personalities of their own.
This is a collection of Picture Mugs of many different designs, which will grow and change over time. I will make each design in small batches so they may change over time.

Dimensions 8.5 × 10.5 cm

Bee, Fox, Gnome, Hare, Octopus, Orange VW, Owl, Red VW, Robin

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