Butter Dish


Ceramic Butter dish with lid, designed to hold a slice of butter.

11cm wide by 4.5 cm high


My sister’s set me a challenge to design a butter dish. The requirements were that the dish hold a slice of butter. They are of the option that having the whole pound of butter out in a dish, means that the butter will get horrible. Secondarily requirement was that the butter didn’t touch the lid. My sister’s were tired of the old lid leaving imprints of butter all over the table. I hadn’t realized that this was a common problem with a lot of butter domes.

So with these requirements in mind, I created my butter dish and added a little daisy on the top. Because I believe that there is no reason for the butter dish not to be pretty as well as practical. For this is the reason I make them dishwasher safe also. Just please remember they are still studio made ceramics so nothing is exactly the same ever and they don’t bounce. ( I was asked once at a market if they dropped the dish would it break! )

Dimensions N/A

Blue, Green, Heather, Lichen, Midnight, Pink

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