Cappuccino Rose Mug


Cappuccino rose mug with sgraffito slip decoration. They are 8.5cm high by 11.5cm wide and they hold 350ml approx.


Cappuccino Rose Mug with sgraffito decoration. Each of these cappuccino rose mugs are given this additional slip decoration. My home county of Leitrim is known as the ” Wild Rose County”, so I felt I needed to celebrate this.
Firstly the bottom half of the outside of the cappuccino mug is dipped in cream slip. Then I carve in a winding rose stem, to which I add slip dots. I carve each of these slip dots to turn them into roses and then add green slip leaves. I love the combination of the smooth glaze with the sgraffito decoration. Sgraffito means “to scratch” so this style of decoration gives delicate raised lines. You can run your fingers over the decoration as your hugging the cappuccino rose mug with your coffee or hot chocolate.

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Blue Rose Cappuccino, Pink Rose Cappuccion

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