Ceramic Paintings


Ceramic painting in simple frames.


With my ceramic paintings, you can see not all paintings are made of canvas and paint. My ceramic painting’s are made from and on ceramic, you could call them tiles but that wouldn’t give you the full picture. Some of my paintings have raised details of colourful Koi fish swimming through the handmade lily pads.  Other of my paintings are my interruption of the local and exotic trees. This makes them a wonderful tactile experience as well as a unique visual one. No two ceramic paintings are ever the same.

I have framed them in simple frames. This allows them to be hung with ease anywhere in your home. You can hang them in that sunny hall or on that wall flooded with light from the south facing window. Because unlike regular paintings or photographs, my ceramic painting’s won’t fade in the sunlight.

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Dogwood, Jacaranda, Windswept

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