Limited green cappuccino mug


8.5cm high by 11cm wide

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This is a limited range of my tricoloured cappuccino mugs. The green colour is a unusual reaction created by the cooling of the glaze kiln. The blue glaze came out a little greener in colour, than usual. The inside of the handmade pottery cappuccino mugs came out a wonderful luxurious combination of green and blue. They are the same light, well designed cappuccino mugs as the rest of my range. So prefect for hot chocolate and soup as well as your coffee.

Variations in colour will always happen. Because I make my own glazes from natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients are rocks milled down to a fine powder. Also my pottery is fired to over 1200C, so that’s a lot of heat.

They are microwave safe and they can be put in a dishwasher but please be careful and mind the handles.

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