Limited Green Ceramic Coffee Mug


8.5cm high by 8cm wide at top

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This is a limited range of my tricoloured coffee ceramic mugs. The green colour is a unusual reaction created by the cooling of the kiln. The blue glaze came out just a little greener in colour, than usual. They are the same light, well designed handmade pottery coffee mugs as the rest of my range.

Variations in colour will always happen. Because I make my own glazes from natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients are rock milled down to a fine powder. Also my pottery is fired to over 1200C so that’s a lot of heat. As one of my customer told me ” they fit perfectly under a Nespresso machine”, always happy to help make life easier. My ceramic mugs are microwave safe and can be put in a dishwasher but please be careful and take care of the handle.

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