Radiator Pearl


Radiator Pearl, an discreet air freshener that can be used in every room with a radiator. Available in a box of four in Pink, Blue, Green and Heather.


Radiator Pearl, an air freshener without the need for a candle. The idea behind my radiator pearls is to have a discrete air freshener in every room that you want one in, without artificial chemicals or a burning candle.
Firstly put a little water inside the pearl, then add a few drops of your favourite natural oil. I personally like to add lemongrass oil for use in the bathroom. Then you simply put the filled radiator pearl on top of your radiator.
As soon as the radiator warms up, the natural oil will freshened your room.
So every time the heating comes on the radiator pearls will freshen the room (as long as you keep some oil in it).
Your radiator doesn’t heat enough to burn the oil unlike a traditional oil burner. They are available in boxes of four in Pink, Blue, Green and Heather.


Blue, Green, Heather, Pink

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